Case history: analysis shelter

3 CEMS ready for shipping to 3000MW power plant in Iraq.

Scope of supply in this example is three analysis shelters .Each shelter is able to monitor data of two turbines for electrical production. Each turbine has two stacks: one is the main stack and the second is by-pass stack. So, each CEMS acquires data from four stacks in “scan mode” which it means that analysis between the four stacks is not in continuous, but by time interval from the first stack to the last.

The measures are CO-NO-SO2-O2-CO2 by extractive analysis type and exhaust pressure, temperature and flow rate with instruments installed directly on each stack.

So, from supervision PC in control room and connected via optical fibre with three PLC installed inside the analysis cabinet it’s possible to monitor states and measures of twelve analysis point and generate customizable reports.


The supply is complete with:

  • 12 reels of sample heated line (1100 meters);
  • 1800 meters of electrical cables;
  • 870 meters of optical fibers;
  • instruments to be installed on the stacks (Pitot tube with differential pressure transmitter, absolute pressure transmitter and PT100 for exhaust temperature).

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