Mobile analysis laboratories

Thanks to the collaboration with Envea, a leader company of high precision measuring instruments for environmental and process monitoring, we create mobile laboratories for air pollution monitoring in cities.




The diffusion on the national territory of the fixed networks for the control of atmospheric pollution allows today to have a rather clear and outlined vision of the consequences of the main pollutants, thanks to the continuous measurements made with the automatic tools (such as those available in the product range of Envea for Powders PM1, PM2.5 and PM10, VOC, NOX, Sulphurates, Mercaptans, Ozone, CO, CO2, Hydrocarbons, NH3, H2S, etc ...).
A mobile laboratory equipped in a towable vehicle is the easiest and most effective solution from the point of view of transport and management.

Each trailer is normally equipped with:

  • analysis cabinet with the requested analyzers;
  • power distribution cabinet for analyzers and services;
  • air conditioner;
  • calibration cilynders holders;
  • sample probe mounted on the roof;
  • ladder for roof acces;
  • PC for data acquisition;
  • WiFi connection for remote access data.


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