Our main activity is building systems for monitoring emissions into the atmosphere (CEMS, Continuos Emission Monitoring System), consisting of:


  • analysis cabinet complete with analyzers, PLC and pneumatic section for drying, suction and treatment of the gases to be analyzed
  • supervisory PC for data acquisition from analysis cabinet and from the plant, the calculation of the means and data historical.

Why a gas analysis system?

Monitoring and containment of polluting gases are a crucial factor for the future of our planet and the current legislation is increasingly stringent to contain emissions from factories and plants. An analysis system allows you to keep these factors under control so as not to incur any sanctions.

However, an analysis system also allows the plant to be kept efficient, increasing its average life and reducing consumption. 

Typical measures

  • CO
  • NOx
  • O2
  • SO2
  • COT
  • Particulate
  • Exaust temperature
  • Exaust flow


We use certified QAL1 analyzers of main manufacturers, with extractive and in-situ measurement techniques.


  • Civil and industrial boilers
  • cogeneration plants
  • biomass power plants
  • process analysis
  • industrial ovens
  • crematoriums
  • heat treatment
  • Oil&Gas